Glimmer [Demo]

by Clockwork

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released November 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Clockwork London, UK

Reading/London based metal band.

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Track Name: A Sense Of Reality
Wake me up from this dream

If we all share the same fate
will that change the decisions we make
holding out for a better tomorrow
give me strength to face a new day

Wait is this all that we’re here for
conflicting words and no inner peace
release and start the new age

The thought of another life
the conscience of another mind
that will end just like yours
of a fear that will endure

Can't you see
that life's a dream
ignore the fear
that nothing is what it seems

So, what are you waiting for
a reason to meet the end
or a reason to start again
so wake me up from this dream
and tell me what do you see
in your own reality

I can feel it now
a sense of reality
taking over me

How long can you take it
with these thoughts inside your head
who will you be, who will you see
if you’re already dead
how long can you fake it
before your gone
nothing to feel, nothing to see
now sings your perish song

Before your gone
you must make your mark

Life itself is only a vision, a dream nothing exists save empty space and you and you, are but a thought

There must be more than this despair
there is a reason why we’re here
we all wish to seek the truth
when it’s the truth that seeks us

We all seek the truth

Glimmers of reality
are all that we see
to change our mentality of morality
embrace your own sanity
and move past all of these fallacies
we’ll exist eternally and find our own destiny

Wake me up from this dream
Track Name: The Eternal
Once we’re gone
what’s left for us
will death be the end of it all

Submerge my mind
and cloud my thoughts
with the void

Cast aside this eternal nothingness

Darkness all around
there is not a sound
no way to deal with this ultimatum
a death stare, grips the air
life was but a dream and it would seem
that I have no point
no reason more than a solemn reminder
that we all wait for the day
of our own
our own demise

The void is all I know

Falling into the never
emptiness forever

All that I have learned
is locked within my mind
what will be in the absence of time

So take it away, take it away from me
the end is all I see
so take it away, take it away from me
extinguished eternally

I am awaiting
a future so daunting
but I accept my fate

If there was another way
to comprehend death
but we must all live our lives
and embrace our demise

There is no way to start again
no thought that can amend
no peace a god can send
no way to make it end
lost in the void
falling forever

There is nothing after
no space or time to call my own
homeless we wonder
imploding into our own
minds, lost forever
complete collapse of what we've grown to
know, no point of reference
we won't exist

Why are we here
is it a reflex to fear this nothingness
that I have called my home
when I’ve left my mind, left my soul
I’ll never be whole, never be free
or can I simply not quite see
the futures beyond me
as I slowly accept my fate

I am the void
the eternal void

If we are nothing
then there's no point
if this is nothing
there there is no fucking point
if we are nothing
then there's no point
if this is nothing
then there is no point
things will never change
Track Name: Shaping Infinity
Find a new way
to deal with life
and meet the end

Ignore the fact
that this life will end
your existence is null
accepting that we won't get another chance
to try again, to amend
the things we've done and words we've said

Embrace these thoughts
of the end
and live your life

In time we will understand
that we cannot comprehend
a meaning to life
that we can all visualise

At the end of all our lives
there will be those who carry on
who’ll maintain the legacy
as we shape infinity

As we forge forever
as a thought, a distant memory
in the minds of everyone we meet
these memories in which we'll mean the most
will be like sands on an endless coast

For all the words you say
and steps in which you take
we’re wasting away

Find a new way
to deal with life

Face your fears
embrace demise
realise that nothing is simply derived
from numbers we’ve made up
these feelings that take up
ideas that could redeem us all

There are secrets to living forever
within the lives you bring together
and even as the end will call our name
our legacy will still remain

Our time will come
when we will meet our end
when our lives will fade away
but this world will not forget
the change that we’ve made
and the words we have said
in the lives we have lead

Even once we’re dead
we'll still forge forever
Track Name: Soul Storm
We are born into this
soul we struggle with
mind we battle with
thoughts that we exist

Told how to live
and dying to act

We learn from the words we have read
act on the thoughts that are said
we’re all lost
yet all we do is pretend
again and again
when will we break this trend

Been searching for so long
just for reasons to hold on
and a reason to trust our own minds

Your mind may be playing tricks upon your own subconscious
images of what it wants you to see
so imagine your own world and fabricate your own existence
and begin to forge your own reality

Calling for answers to questions we don’t have yet
this paradox is all we’ve got
as we wonder this world alone
tricked to believe who we’re not
and forced to live a lie

And we will
carve a path
one we can
hold on to

Walk down the roads you want to lead
forging tracks that you will need
in hope to find yourself
and awaken your soul
meet others on divergent paths
find those few who’ll always
last on this track you’ve laid yourself
now enlighten us all

How can we be so blind
to the endless crimes
another slow decline and a fault in our kind
cutting the ties of what we despise
and what we’re truly fighting for
what you adore
is it worth the chance that your soul might not go on

We are the ones who live our lives in vein
without a chance to ease the pain
spiralling into confusion
will we even remember our names

There is no reason to pretend

Caught in a weave of consciousness
yet failing to see the thoughtlessness
we’re all slaves
but we will make our escape

Find your own meaning

So light the way
for all to see
in a hope to find yourself

The way that you exist
the lies that you resist
create an effect
that can be reckoned with

For ages we will wait
condemned to mortal fate
the setbacks of our own kind
resist or fade away
these are the choices that we make
and the reasons to live another day

Affecting us all
our souls unite and bring forth the storm

There is no reason to pretend
Track Name: A Path Beyond
As this world comes to an end

As this world comes to an end
and what we hold dear has gone
our planet's drained
leaving us here alone

And I fear
that we won’t get back
the world we had before

If we could see the wrong
in the wasteful way we live
then maybe minds would change
maybe we’d press on

If we could hear the cries
of the ground beneath our feet
then maybe minds would change
maybe we’d move on

We must take a step beyond
the path that we’ve worn out
this path we call our home
this Earth we call our own

We’ll take a step beyond into the void of the unknown
we’ll link with Earth itself and the lands that we all roam

Work as one
and we will see
together we can find
the path we’re meant to lead

We only have once chance to live
we must thrive
we only have this life to give
so give what you’ve got

We were never designed to live this way
trapped in an endless cycle of decay
the things we’ve done, the things we say
adapt and we can live another day

I can hear it call my name
a yearning for change
but as we’re led astray
that voice begins to fad

We must take a step beyond
the path that we’ve worn out
this path we call our home
this Earth we call our own

We’ll take a step beyond
into the void of the unknown
we’ll link with Earth itself
and these lands that we all roam

We are the new age
we’ll make the change
and bring reform

The competition, a consuming system
machine creations that won’t ever glisten
poisoning this Earth, expanding their turf
until we’ll have nothing left

We’re running out of time, we’re out of line
we’ve seen the signs, escape the grind
use our minds to be more kind
and then we’ll find a bind between us all

Work as one
and we will see
together we can find
who we're meant to be
take my hand
and come with me
and we can find our own destiny

As this world comes to an end